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Stephanie Fisher - From the Daisies 

"Working with Natalie has truly been such a gift. When I give her a concept for a session or a client I have full trust in her to deliver, and she always does. She communicates so well with me along the entire process which I really appreciate. I’ve worked with Natalie for a few years now and watching her skills with styling grow has been incredible to see. I always look forward to working with Natalie."

editorial photographer & wardrobe stylist &

Hannah Rosser Photography

"She's found the perfect outfits for several shoots (couples and wedding related) and has also helped me build a branded wardrobe for my business that I love! She's incredible at taking your vision and bringing it to life and sourcing items from all over! One of the dresses she sourced for a shoot of mine I've ended up using multiple times and decided to use it for my wedding exit dress too because it was that beautiful!"

Stephanie Mack - Flower Disco

"Natalie has styled many photoshoots for me and after working with her for the first time, I learned I will never style anything myself again! Working with her was the easiest decision I’ve made with my workshop. She listened carefully to what I was looking for and translated my thoughts into an elevated vision. She has styled for me so many times that now, all I have to do is show her a few inspiration photos and she knows exactly what I’m looking for. Hiring Natalie was 100% worth the investment! If you’re looking for a stylist to save you time, money, and stress of finding the perfect pieces... hire Natalie!"

xo  Natalie

I'll be in touch with you asap and i cannot wait to hear about your vision!